Tea, Chocolate and Sugar...

Hi All,
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Todays blog is yes an off topic third Thursday blog, but its a long one. So other than it just being about Tea, Sugar and Chocolate, which I have been sent in recent beauty boxes and to try out. I am also going to be talking about recent things going on in my life, I promise I will try not to rant!

But first let me make a cup of tea, and the tea I will be trying is PureChimp Turmeric Matcha Green Tea. This was sent in the Pink Parcel box I got in February. This is a 100% natural tea that is vegan friendly, I was sent a small packet which was enough for two servings. Some of you may know that I love green tea, to be fair I love herbal tea's and usually I drink herbal tea in the evenings when am in bed. I will admit this is the first time trying this tea so am alittle bit scared …

Power of the Union of the God and Goddess Symbol

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Onwards to the blog!
Todays blog is a make up design using the Stregheria symbol for Power of the Union of the God and Goddess, this is a combination of symbols a lot more in depth  Here is the video of this look
The products below where all used to create the look: